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The Pharmaceutical Industry is a key segment for global economical growth. While the industry is dominated by developed countries mainly US, the developing countries like China and India shows an impressive growth in recent years. There is significant increase in the demand for innovative drugs which drives R&D investment in the industry across various countries.

The biopharmaceuticals has brought revolutionary change for new drug inception. Proteomics, Molecular biology and Genomics have helped the manufacturers to to innovate effective drugs & processes for formulation.

Medical Devices

The advancements in technology have changed the ways in which clinical instruments are used to treat patients. The new technologies have reduced not only the recovery time for patients but also the cost of treatment. Medical devices range from a small injection needle to large diagnostic machines.

The manufacturers of these devices include small players as well as large multinational corporations such as Johnson & Johnson.

Chemical & Materials

The chemical industry is one of the oldest industries in the country which contributes significantly to the economic growth of a nation. The chemical industry is one of the fastest growing segments in manufacturing industry. Chemicals broadly include bulk petrochemicals and intermediates, minerals, polymers, other derivatives, etc.

The industry has been undergoing important structural changes in the recent years, such as new developing markets, change in manufacturing locations, superior technologies, and rising raw material cost.

Technology & Media

The technology segment includes e-commerce and information technology (IT) outsourcing, media, networking, computer hardware, value-added services, and telecommunication and wireless technology.

Wireless technology has helped the telecom sector to shift from wired to wireless systems, which emphasizes the importance of electromagnetic spectrum.

E-commerce has promoted the online buying and selling of goods and services among the developed and developing countries.

Energy & Mining

Global demand for energy is constantly rising. According to the International Energy Agency, demand for energy is expected to increase by approximately 50% by 2030. Currently, fossil fuels account for more than 80% of demand for primary energy. Global energy consumption is at stake in the long run as reserves would last only until the next decade. This calls for a higher usage of sources of renewable energy to cope up with the rise in demand for energy.

The mining sector comprises organizations whose primary activities include extraction of naturally occurring resources and mineral solids. Ores, coal and precious stones are some of the examples of minerals.

Food & Beverages

The food and beverages industry is closely related to the life and health of individuals. This is an important sector for the economy to expand. It has grown manifold due to increase in the disposable income with the consumers in developing countries such as Asian nations and BRIC. The increase in demand in such countries provides the large multinational corporations and nationwide food chains to supply a wide variety of goods and to explore the untapped markets.

The major challenges for the manufacturers are low profit margin, high input cost, market saturation, threat of new substitutes, change in taste of consumers, country regulations, etc.

Semiconductor & Electronics

The electronics & semiconductor industry has becoming very competitive over the years due to decrease in profits by the manufactures, rising R&D expenditure and increase in competition.

There is a lot of pressure on the manufactures to produce small products at faster pace which low price in the market. Manufactures are offering better performance products with competitive prices which is possible due to advancement in nanotechnology MEMs (Micro-electro-mechanical) systems.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods are the end products available to the consumers based on their needs and tastes. The demand for the consumer goods such as food items, baby care products, cosmetics, apparels, and cars has increased mainly in developing countries due to increase in level of disposable income available income with the consumers.

Today, Asian countries are considered as the greatest demand drivers for these products, thereby attracting large manufactures to set up their outlets to cater to the consumers' needs.